Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And now this commercial break!

Due to the fact there is no new Doodle news to report, other than one large looming order from Bus Depot and Bus Boys, (more on that as it occurs) Nothing is happening. So, in lieu of no real bus news, how about one small commercial break, with all my favorite VW Westfaila Ads from generally my same year? Let us harken back to the era where gas was cheap, VWs cheaper, and you could stroll on down to the dealership and getcha a fully loaded Westfalia camper with all the trimmings, even coming back for VWoA certified maintenance should you choose to. Yum. So interested?

Yes? Excellent.

I just realized something. NONE of these have spare tires on the nose, and I dont like my spare on the nose. THAT is one of my Doodle related new year resolutions. Remove that spare tire and mount, and put an emblem on. Also, to camp more. Yes. Yes indeed.