Monday, May 7, 2012

Doodle vs The Oklahoma Wild pt 2.

And story there is. So I get the invite from some friends to do some impromptu camping this weekend. Sweet! Doodle is running well lately, and my confidence grows. I've been wanting to take a long (ish) trip in him to see how he was gonna do.

I was to be disappointed.

The trip up there (only 100 miles) went pretty well really, and I got to see lots and lots of beautiful Oklahoma country side.

Only thing I really noticed was I think I have an exhaust leak now. I thought it before I left, but I went through, made sure everything was tight, and couldnt find the leak. I attributed it to my craptacular aftermarket exhaust. Like I said, the trip up was uneventful, other than 25 mph south/west winds. Kinda jiggled me around, but honestly, the tires helped. I could definately hold it in the lane easier than before. I make it to where I'm going, and have five more miles of dirt roads to tackle. (see pics) Right as I get to the gate to turn in, Doodle hicups twice. Nothing more. Idles fine. Nothing. I drive down the 3/4's of a mile to the lake, again, nothing. Thinking nothing of it, I parked.

Camping was good, fishing was good (caught a 24" across snapping turtle. They apparently love beef liver, just fyi.) food/friends/fun. Issues came when I packed up to leave. Trail back to the gate, nothing, back out on the dirt road however, shuddered again twice. By the end of the dirt road, shakes were racking him from front to back everytime I touched the accelerator. Backfires on deacceleration. AND I have to drive back into 20mph headwinds. Say it with me kids. 1-der-full.

Back out on the 2 lane, I was able to nurse Doodle up to highway speeds. Cruising was no issue at all. (As long as I didnt require him to make any changes in speed) but when I got back into city limits, I had my first of several stop lights. At the third, Doodle went on revolt, and refused to accellerate. Foot on the gas resulted in nothing. Pop-pop-fizz, oh what a relief it aint. Rolled over into the Quicky Jiffy Mart. I knew right then it had to be the AFM. (Or I thought) Checked all the vaccuum hoses. Tight. Dipstick cool to the touch. No connections off. Spent about 15 minutes going over it visually, making sure nothing was easily seen. When Colin was in my neck of the woods, we adjusted and cleaned the AFM. My thinking was the dirt from the dirt road may have gotten in and messed it up. I opened it up, and blew it out. Not much came out, but I was able to convince Doodle to get back on the highway and make slow progress home. Grudgingly.

For the record, truckers hate you, spelled with a capital H, when you are in the slow lane trying to coax your ailing bright green westfalia to climb yet another hill while under the speed limit significantly. Ask me how I know.

Once home, I logged into the samba and read threads on AFM issues. They sounded much too much like what I was dealing with to not be the same. It was then that I remembered that I have a AFM off a parted out 76 in my shop. I think I'll give that a shot. Until next time, SIGH.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Doodle vs The Oklahoma Wild Pt. 1

Put down some miles this weekend for rural camping.

But............I didnt make it home without my share of problems. Oh Doodle. I may just have to sell your ass afterall. More to come.