Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to me! (and Doodle)

Fridge Rack!

German Supplys new Exhaust Re-do kit!

Ice Cube trays!

New rear lenses!

And bases!


Underwear for the driver! Now all I need is a warm weekend. Hope you had a Merry Christmas too. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exhaust re-do on the horizon?

This just in, my buddy bought a wrecked rust free '77 Deluxe westy, and it came with a full stock exhaust. I hate my aftermarket one, and have been wanting one of these to ceramic coat or something instead. So my current question is, assuming this has no rust through (muffler) would you use it, or find an aftermarket muffler section to coat and use? He says it appears solid, but without putting my hands on it, I wont know. I dont want to pay to coat an old muffler that might be shot out inside.

I think I'll salvage what I can from here and save the good parts for later on. A nice quiet stock exhaust would be great tho! This is definately back burner for now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seatbelts Pt 3!

The second half of my evening was different. Since Doodle is snuggled up in the garage, and I can't start him to move (see previous post) him, I decided to install the one seatbelt I can get to. See how it works out.

First you set the mood.

And then basically bolt some crap up. Those brackets worked great, btw.


The only way I could get them to work was lined up like this and I dont like the way it looks when you open the door. Thoughts on this?

YAY! I iz safer!

Crapola.. Doodle strikes again.

Recently I had been tracking down an exhaust leak. Tonight I was feeling froggy, and had the garage heated, so I climbed under, found it, and well, yeah.

What I thought was a hairline crack turned into pretty much two halves of a broken manifold, with proof of a bad repair(s?) before. I'll. Be. Dammed. Doodle and I are scheduled for a toy run Saturday and this looks to be a bit of a damper. I may have a part somewhere (gotta look) because I dont think this one is repairable. What say you?

Other issue is the other part of this manifold will not release. The nuts/bolts look to be fused on the flange.

I assume this nut should come out right, and that the other side is fixed, correct? Frozen. Solid. Ideas?

Allllllllll ways something Doodle, always something. But I loves ya. Be eaiser if I didnt...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seatbelts Part 2!

In case anyones following along, I went with the brackets from:

For two reasons. One, they looked thicker and gave a clearer view of what I was getting, and follow me here.... the brackets were $7.50 at CIP1 and shipping was $12.85. BUT you had to order 25 worth junk to meet the "minimum". Once I did that, my shipping was $15.60. So basically I was having to spend $40 on some brackets. No thanks. Got belts were $5 + $5 actual shipping and it took five days. BAM. These look totally sweet. I'll finish my install once the rain stops falling and I can get the Westy out of the garage.