Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crapola.. Doodle strikes again.

Recently I had been tracking down an exhaust leak. Tonight I was feeling froggy, and had the garage heated, so I climbed under, found it, and well, yeah.

What I thought was a hairline crack turned into pretty much two halves of a broken manifold, with proof of a bad repair(s?) before. I'll. Be. Dammed. Doodle and I are scheduled for a toy run Saturday and this looks to be a bit of a damper. I may have a part somewhere (gotta look) because I dont think this one is repairable. What say you?

Other issue is the other part of this manifold will not release. The nuts/bolts look to be fused on the flange.

I assume this nut should come out right, and that the other side is fixed, correct? Frozen. Solid. Ideas?

Allllllllll ways something Doodle, always something. But I loves ya. Be eaiser if I didnt...

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