Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Touch up painting!

Okay, so Doodle is "paint challenged" as it relates to the two slider covers on either side. So, in my infinate wisdom, I decide I am going to use some of my super fly VWoA spray paint and touch them up. Hmm. Okay, lets see how this works out.

The first thing I need is a good primer. I talked to the guys at Auto Color, and explained what I was doing. This is what they reccomended in a spray can. Fair enough, lets go.

Now, lets first start with some before pics, so you can see exactly what I'm working with. They were really the main blemishes to Doodles appearance, like a zit on the prom queen type style, so lets see what I can do about it.

Okay, that last is a little area above the hatch that is bent for some unknown reason. Alright, rust pictured, lets see what we can do about it. I'll skip the tedious steps. First thing I did was sand with some 1000 grit paper, to get everything ready for primer. Then, I taped off using the 2009 "Travel Texas" magazine yours free of charge from the State of Texas visitors center. I need to go get a 2011. Its what I use to plan my (thus so far imaginary) trips in Doodle. Back on topic.

Okee Doke, now lay down a little primer. Luckily there was no wind and an oddly warm March day, so it should be fine.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, but I think you get the idea. Tape, paper, primer. Now paint!

Now to let it bask in some of that Texas Sun greatness. Ahhh. (Insert 80's movie montage here, with your choice of song. Or the hands of a clock spinning in an expedient manner. Which ever you prefer.)

Now time for the unveil!

Hmm. Honestly? I'm not a huge fan. Paint didnt dry smooth. Looks touched up (obviously) but, its a decent ten footer. Not perfect by any means at all. Damn. What can ya do tho? I'm no professional. What I'll do is have them painted when Doodle goes under the knife this winter for rust/spare tire removal. You know, slide it in. "Say brotha, since you already got paint mixed n stuff, why not throw a lil down on those for me? 'Preciate it." Or something less ethnic. I dunno. Anyway, surface rust is at bay, Doodle looks better from a distance, and all is right with the world. Adios Constant Reader, I have a date with a 3800 pound green bus. Have a great weekend.