Saturday, April 7, 2012

Glorious Day in Zumunda.

What a glorious day! Some nice weather finally let me tie up some long lingering projects. Nothing major, but lotsa pics!

First, I replaced the drivers side slider cover since I did the passengers already. Smooth OG paint beats a crappy touch up every time.

Dirty. Well that just not gonna work. And there is some surface rust where the paint flaked off.

Guess I'll treat it with some por 15 and a q tip? Then wax? BOOM. Can you see my repair? Nope. Everyone removes these things and waxes under them including the brackets, right? RIGHT?! Sigh. We need a support group I think. Over cleaners anonymous. My name is Kirk, and I like Mequires.

Moving on, on this weeks episode of "The sun is shining and my ass is piddling." This passenger side kick panel has always bothered me. You can kinda see it here.

Heat and glue, and yes, I did manage to get the wrinkle out at the bottom. This makes me haz a happy. Hated driving and looking down and seeing that flap. Although, I may have to give Werksberg (makers of a fine set of aftermarket ones) a shout if I cant find a drivers side one, mine is broken, sadly. Hrmp.

Splash pan was crushed some how by the PO, or the PO, PO, or someone. I mean seriously. What were you trying to run over?! Pulled it:

Replaced it with my $5.00 swap meet find....

So damn glad the sun is shining again, and all is right (fingers crossed) with Doodle. Camping season is upon us. Here we go.