Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cruise time!

So Doodle is a formal member of the SHAC (Sherman Air Coolers VW Gang) and as such, was formally invited by yours truely to partake in the 1st Annual SHAC cruise. So away we go. Now, I invite my brother along, for company, and we head on over to the meeting spot. Great weather, good friends, VWs and a 160 mile cruise with catfish at the end. Whats better?

So all together, we line up for a quick photo op...

And away we go. Im telling you, I was pretty happy. Fun times. I love VW cruises and I loves my camper.
Well, we start off strong, and immediately pull into a gas station. Dammit, cruise stopped.

No problem, I take this time to load up on Funyuns and Monster Energy Drinks, the American Staple of road trips. (That and beef jerky) Finally back on the road, we make a few more miles, before....
Car Trouble! Cory, in his high dollar orange buggy, has charging issues and a horrible oil leak. We pull over and start working on it. Doodle the Triumphant, has no problems, and waits patiently to be back in the wind.
Okay, issues fixed, Cory's buggy is running once again, and away we go.
Now this is fun! 55 mph, classic rock, my bus and VW cars. Not bad not bad. We make pretty good time until....
Bo's buggy broke down. Dammit! He was having major major problems here. We were on the side of the road for quite some time. I checked on Doodle, and ...
..chillin. No problems. In fact, our chase vehicle was down, so I ended up carrying all the tools and parts in Doodle the whole time. Score! I think the trouble was finally behind us, and we started putting miles on the car. Over the river and through the woods to Wendys Catfish we go!

Made it! Time to get out and eat!

Well after a delicious catfish lunch, I headed the 40 miles (freeway) back home. I did find that something is wrong with Doodle. He isnt making any power. I couldnt make over 50 mph on the freeway, and at times much slower. Concerning, actually. I noticed it getting worse and worse over the cruise, but buy the time I headed home, it was pretty bad. Hmm, I need to take a look. I did swing by and show Doodle to my little nephew Austin. I think he liked it. Until next time Constant Reader, put your hat on the dash, and drive your VW somewhere. It deserves it.

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