Saturday, February 19, 2011

El washo de buso....

So what started out as a beautiful day, with a chance of rain, seemed like the PERFECT day to wash and wax Doodle. Haven't done it in so long, I figured I would. In fact, Ive never waxed. Ah well, I enjoy it, so lets get to it.

I should also mention, that any carwashage comes complete with Classic Journey (as in, not that asian guy) blaring from the garage stereo. I mean, thats kinda assumed, ain't it? Well it should be. That reminds me. I need a Journey sticker for Doodle. Hmm. Things to ponder. Wash complete, I moved to the Wax phase, when.....

I got a helper! A little back story on this kid. He lives across the street. Apparently, his dad doesn't do much with him, so hes always at our house watching me work on stuff. This is also the kid that loudly pronounced to the entire world that "Kirk has a junkyard in his back yard!" when in truth, I had one bus I was parting out neatly. I'm just glad code enforcement saw it that way, but that is a story for another time. So after convincing him that waxing the bus was a fun job (ala Tom Sawyer) he got after it. Put wax on every surface he could reach, including the headlights. Not too skimpy with my carnuba wax either, so it was well waxed.

Admittedly, I did end up washing and fixing his bicycle for him in trade, but I still think I came out on top honestly. You know, as I waxed and listened to Journey, I was thinking, why does anyone need a shrink? Buy a volkswagen bus (insert your favorite car here, I suppose. I think VW really does help more than a Honda tho) turn up the tunes and wax/wash it. Dunno why anyone would need therapy after that, but I digress. Until next time Constant Reader.

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