Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doodle heads to the hills!

Well Howdy Constant Reader! (You do realize this is Texas right? Just checkin.) So April in Texas means one thing if you are a VW fan. Texas VW Classic. Biggest show all year. People come from far and wide. Even with the issues they have been having lately with camping and such, its still a must see. And this year, I decided to see it from the front seat of Doodle.  For reference...

Can you see me?! Right there. No, over a bit. Yeah! (Disclaimer: Or no.) So, just so you are aware, Fredericksburg is 347 miles away from me, using the freeway for a third and back roads from Georgetown, Texas to Llano, Texas down south to Fredericksburg. The back roads are the best parts really. So, in the weeks preceeding my epic journey (and my first Doodle camping experience) I drove Doodle every day. Did a tune up. Oil change. Started him randomly throughout the day. Nothing. No issues, no hicups, nothing. And awayyyyy we go.

Now I have to say, crusing along the highway was quite a treat in Doodle. With the load rated tires, and new found power, the only time I had any issues where when battling passing semis. Otherwise, no issues! Awesome. Stopped in Georgetown for fuel top off and to check the oil. Everything seemed like it was running well. Little chugging on initial acceleration, but nothing major. So off we go through the hill country, little SRV (thats Stevie Ray Vaughn for the musical greatness challenged among us.) as my co-pilot.

The scenery out here is amazing. Made Doodles slow pace worth it, so I could see what was going on. If there is a better way to see the Texas Hill Country than behind the wheel of a classic VW Westfalia, I dont know what it might be. I did manage a few cool pics tho....

So a little over six hours later I arrive at Fredricksburg and join my buddies. Yay!

Interestingly enough, it was quite warm during the day, so warm infact, I got a pretty decent sunburn. At night however...

My phone said 35 degrees when I took this pic! See that orange? Thats my subzero sleeping bag. The one thing saving me from certain doom! Hahahahaha *ahem* So, after an uneventful weekend, sleeping in Doodle while enjoying all that is VW hijinkery (yes, constant reader, you can make up your own words when writing in your own blog! Isnt it scandiferous?!) So, time came to ride home, and doodle fired right up. Yay! Lets head back. 347 miles to go. :)

I did have to stop by Lake Bachman(?) or Llano Lake. Can't remember and I'm too lazy to check. It was here that I first started hearing a slight exhaust leak. Wait. Did someone say photo op? Hell yes I'll take pics of Doodle by a lake!

And one place I've waited for a pic of since last year. A wall in Bertram, Texas. Dunno what it means, but I really really liked it. And, Doodle liked it as well. So did all the passing cars. At least they must have. They all honked and waved. I doubt I had TP on my shoe, but I digress.

Well, thats about it. Otherwise its just me, back roads, and the blissful sounds of a well tuned flat four engine. Although, that exhaust leak is troubling. Hmmm... Well, for my first camping excursion in Doodle, I really, really enjoyed it. I can see why people fall in love with these things. Unrelatedly, my buddy Herman drove in from Amarillo. I fell in love with his new tires. I love my Vancos, but DAYUM. I likes me some of these. I may have to consider an upgrade.

Love those. LOVE. Hmmm. Anyway, from Doodle and I to you, wheres your Westy parked?

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