Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ever just have one of those weekends....

.....where you just gotta get out of the house? Yep. Thats me this weekend. Since yesterday was pretty much terrible, I figured I would fire up Doods, grab my camera and Tom Petty CD  and see whats good. Its pretty windy, but I was wanting to get some fall shots of Doodle anyway, so why not ride and see the country side? I'm in. You? I knew I could count on you Constant Reader. In the absence of all others, there is always you. Climb in the back. I have animal cookies. Make yourself at home.

Okay, first, just a couple typical roadside fall leaves pics. Somehow Doodles colors lend him well to a photo shoot. At least I think so, but I'm biased. I did however get a couple crazy looks from passers by, but what do they know, right? I'm assuming its jealousy. You dont see anyone parking a Honda Civic in leaves for a pic, doya? Didnt think so. Lets move on, shall we? You comfy back there? You are? Good.

Weather today was perfect for this. 73 and slightly windy. Man I love fall. And the sound of myVW bus. Oh, and Tom Petty. He aiight too.


Well there you go. My day. 75 miles, a bag of animal cookies I found in the back hidden under the bed and lots of photos. Doesnt matter. I was having a prety bad day, and this helped some. Thanks for following along..

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  1. Great shots Kirk. I'm glad I found your blog. I saw pictures on samba that you posted and they just said " wish I kept it" I believe....

    unfortunately my wife and kids are not as hip as yours it seems, and they urge me to get rid of the 79 kombi I picked up a few years ago. it looks real similar the the one you got rid of I believe. I'd still like to put some money into it, but that depends on this economy. I don't have a blog yet, but if you have time to give advice my email is
    thanks for sharing!