Saturday, March 13, 2010

Having some Sonic.

Ever had one of those nights when the wife works late, and leaves you in charge of the kid? Meaning you have to manage the entire routine by yourself. Feeding, homework, playtime, the whole nine yards. Well, if you're me, and you own a super fly Westfalia that doubles as a rolling dining room and you really dont want to cook, you roll to Sonic. Kid loves it, you love it, car hops love the bus. Sonic it is. Just earned three dad points, kids stoked.

Well, when I can get her off the phone shes pretty stoked about the bus. I think shes just happy to go to Sonic. Never mind, I'm stoked.

So we roll up to the Sonic, place our order, swivel the passenger seat around, and BAM! Instant dining room for two. The only thing missing is the interior table, but I plan to remedy that in future episodes of the Doodle Chronicles. Stay tuned.

So we get some food, and have Zippy the wonder clerk take our picture. He sucks at it unfortunately, but this is what wes be for havin.

Anywhoo, Zippy's terrible photography aside, we had a wonderful time. Got lots of looks, laughs and peace signs. (Which reminds me to order that "not a hippie bus" bumper sticker I saw. Somehow, I imagine I'm going to need it. Funny that. But all kidding aside, we had some wonderful father daughter time, courtesy of some not so family oriented Germans. Well, we ate until we were stuffed....

And then did a little posing before we went home. Everyone was jealous. We could tell. Your Yukon can't hold a flame to us. Even Hannah noticed it. We have the coolest ride at Sonic according to her, and I tend to agree. Until next time, Constant Reader, go eat in your car. Bet its not as fun as doing it in mine. :)

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