Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The fight continues...

Constant Reader, how ya been?

Good! And your mother? Glad to hear it.

Been awhile for me and Doods here, and, I gotta tell you, it aint been great. I'm gonna try to recap my last four months in one blog.

So, as you know I've been having intermittent fuel issues with Doodle. Can't trace them, that type thing. So I finally sat down with my tools and tester to figure it out.

What I found is that the number three injector is dead. The wires from three will fire injector four, but injector fours wires do nothing on three. Hmm. Okay, so pricing them shows me I can have all four rebuilt for the cost of one. And this place that rebuilds them, is pretty highly regarded. So I pull all four injectors, and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay they go.

Okay. Fast forward to a month later, on my birthday (June 30) I go to the mailbox and BLAMMO!

Four newly rebuilt injectors courtesy of Witchunter Performance, who specialize in rebuilding injectors. These things are PURTY! All new parts, flow tested, ready to go. So I head out to the garage with a newly reknown sense of purpose, intending fully to put Doodle on the road today. Yes!

Pulled and charged the battery, installed the new injectors with all new rubber and clamps, and Doodle lives! I adjusted the timing, and all systems go. Next stop was the monthly SHAC meeting the next day! YEAH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

So the next day at work FLYS by. I cant wait to get home and drive. Finally Im done, go home, change, and I'm out! Hamburgers, other VWs and good times! Me and Doodle roll up on the scene, clearly the best looking thing in the group, and take our spot.

Nice. I mean really. Look at him. Awesome in everyway. Tell you what, lets air it out a bit. That garage is STALE!

THATS what Im talking about. So many people stopped by to complement Doodle and me. One guy even offered to buy him. Yeah. Thats happening. Anywhoo, Doodle was further awarded his second sticker...

Doodle is now a formal Sherman Air Cooler Member. Nice. Im proud, hes proud, everyone loves us, alls well in my world....

Well, time to go home!


Wait. What?

*rrr rrr rrr rrr click*

Click? Really?

*rrr rr rr rrr click*

Well damn. Ole Doods decided he liked Watsonburger so much, he didnt want to go home. I checked everything. Coil, distributor, everything. NOTHIN. Luckily, we got a tow back to the house. Well, at least we got a sticker.

About two weeks go by and I finally get some time to work on Doodle again. Ive done lots of reasearch, turns out I probably need to clean my grounds and electrical system. I replace the battery cables, clean every single ground, and most of the contacts for the relays. Charge the battery, and.... DOODS LIVES!!

Awesome! Everything is again as it should be. Runs great all afternoon. That night, I drive him to Walmart for groceries. I get no less than ten compliments and one offer to buy him. Seriously. Get my groceries and come back out. Life isnt good, its freakin great.


Wait. What?

*rrr rrr rrr rrr click*

Click? Really?

*rrr rr rr rrr click*

Insert deep sigh here reader. Im stranded. Again. I think Doods hates me. I scan the parking lot for the guy who wanted to buy him, but alas, I think he took his Ramen noodles and left. :(  An hour later of fiddling, calling family and fiddling more, I finally get someone to come get me. I get the truck, and haul Doods home in shame. Ever tried hooking up to your bus with a big ole tow bar in a dark Walmart parking lot?

Yeah, its about that easy.

This time, Doods sits a month. Mostly out of my own personal frustration. I focus on my beetle and other bus, getting them both in running condition. Fast forward to a week ago, just before Halloween. I rent a fuel pressure tester, and it shows me Doodle isnt putting out any fuel.

Ever priced a FI fuel pump, constant reader? You haven't? Would you believe its $210.95? You wouldn't? Me freaking neither, but it is. So that is where my tale brings us. Doodle waiting on organ transplant, and me still having faith in him. Ive got to get him on the road. I have had him forever and havent camped in him once! I dont care if I have to sleep in him in a blizzard. I'm doing it. Oh yes, I am.

So, stay tuned. Fuel pump should be here this week. I have a renewed sense of purpose, and plan to throw as much money at this bus as I have to. And to all you naysayers, telling me to pull his big heart and put a beetle motor in, or pull his fuel injection and put carbs on him, I say NO!

I will do this.

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