Monday, November 29, 2010

Trouble continues...

So the fuel pump is in! Worked on the bus on Saturday, got it installed, and after a battery charge, and some lengthy turning over, Doodle started! Still doesnt run well, or feel powerful, but running! Drove him a little on Saturday, and shut it down to work on him Sunday. Setting the valves, and trying to get a little more power out of him. Making sure the points are set. You know, basic stuff I've done 100 times over in my life.


After a valve adjustment, Doodle did fire right up. Idled great for ten minutes, and I backed out of the garage. All of a sudden, Doodle went on revolt, started backfiring roaring and refusing to move under his own power, then died. Wont restart. At all. Ever. Ever pushed a fully loaded tempermental Deluxe Westy into the garage? Uphill? No? Dont try. That back pain aint nothin Tylenol will touch. Seriously. BUT, Doodle is back in the garage warm and dry. So, today, I go back out and check each and every valve again. Perfect! I even consulted the manual to make sure Im doing it right. Yep. The only thing I can think is that perhaps someone (Traci?) had hydrolic valves put in (even  tho those didnt start until 1978) and I just messed up big big. Hmm... might be time to bite the bullet and take Doods to a shop. Im man enough to admit defeat. Seriously. I mean, I do want to drive him more than just once a month. Like him to be more than (insert my wifes voice here...) a multi thousand dollar paperweight.

On the upside, I did score some freshly powder coated wheels CHEAP! I think these will look much better once Doods is back on the prowl. More on these later.

Oh Doodle. Why do you hate me?

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