Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back Home...

Hello Constant Reader. You miss me? I doubt it. But, I missed you. That counts, right? Good! Well for an update, Doodle turned out to have burned plugs on the Cold Start Valve, and Thermo Time switch. Not a huge deal, and quite a bit less than buying those parts. So I ordered a ton of parts from Bus Boys, to include plugs, plug wires, other small things. So I wait.

And wait.

And wait.


Bus boys is slow as shit, btw.

And wait.

Finally my parts come in. Plugs replaced. Got my man Robb to help with the timing. Valves adjusted again. And he fired right off. Idles well. To celebrate, I put 68 miles on him today. Ahh.....

I can't tell you how awesome it feels to be back behind the wheel of Doodle. I've missed him so. Camping to come. I promise. :)

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