Saturday, February 12, 2011

Westfalia Shop Day!

To celebrate my new found Westfalia freedom, I decided to spend the day in Irving, Texas helping my crippled buddy try to get his camper back on the road. His legs were run over by a passing car while replacing the throttle cable on his bug, so hes in a big cast. SO. I decided it would be a perfect road test for Doodle, because his house is 83 miles away. I'm in, lets go.

What an ugly mug. Ah well. We make do with what God gives us. Doodle performs quite well all the way to Irving. The passing trucks make me wobble a bit, but Im pretty glad I sprung for the load rated tires. Not quite as bad as it could be. 65-75 all the way there. Right when I get there tho, Doodle starts chugging and sputtering. Once I get there, I find that one of the heater hoses has dropped down and gotten shredded in the fan. No es bueno. I cleaned it up, and had a great afternoon working. Doodle was clearly the bell of the ball.

Interesting side note about this camper here. This was my original sage green westy. 1978 model, and heavily rusted. I sold it to my friend Greg so I could buy Doodle. Sadly, its reached the end of its road. Its good parts are going to his orange bus, which is mostly rust free. Two combine down to make one, and BAM. El Gangreeno is born. Dont ask me. I dont name them.

Pictured here are two of my buddies, Robb Axelrod and Bill Bauer. Bill is working on his Sage Green Westy also, pictured later. He is bringing it back from WAAAAAY dead. Robb drives the Splitty.

Here is Robb and Bill again. Bills bus and you can see the red bug that Greg was working on when his legs got run over. Door is mangled.

Well, at days end, its time to go home. A little 93 ocatane, and I'm ready for the highway.

On the way back, I see a dealership, and swing in for a photo op with the new Jettas. Hmm. I think I'll keep what I got, thanks.

Again, 83 miles back to the house, with a tail wind, and I am running fine. Again though, right before I got home, Doodle started sputtering. I think its the points this time. Thinking about switching to electronic points. We shall see. Untill next time Constant Reader, drive somewhere in your bus today. It deserves it.

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