Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camping with the Air Coolers

Camping planned for tonight in Temple. Checked the points, burned spot. Cleaned and set to .016. Went for a drive, popping, chugging, backfiring violently. Checked points again, burned. Cleaned, reset. Filed smooth, set to .020. no change. 12 degrees BTDC, set back to 7.5 BTDC. No change. Changed plug wires. No change. Changed coil, no change. Checked vacuum lines, zip tied all tight. Started, sprayed carb cleaner on all. No change. Couldn't find any major leaks, no change in idle. Replaced the cap, no change.

I have no freaking clue. None. So frustrated.

Quick search on indicates the AFM might be out of adjustment. The only other thing I didnt change is the condensor. Well damn. Not smart enough to do an AFM roadside adjustment, so it looks like I'm foiled again. Towed into the campgrounds in shame.

Ah Doodle, you summabitch you.

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