Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guess what time it be?

It be registration time! Doodle qualifies for, and is now officially registerd as an Antique Vehicle! In the state of texas, thats a five year registration, meaning no annual inspection (I think) but he can only be driven limited miles per year and only to club functions, trips and maintenance. Yep, random camping counts. Stoked. $54 bux for five years. *insert joyus dance once again*

Otherwise, I did nail down my chugging spitting problem. Damn points were burned up. Four bucks, ten minutes, and I'm back up and running. I did, however, in my repairs notice several vacuum hoses are worn. Not terribly, but not perfect. I ordered a complete vacuum hose set from German Supply. $85 bucks and its nearly every single piece except the Decel Valve Tee and the Intake Sleeves. My intake sleeves are fine, and I think my Decel Valve Tee is fine too. Unrelatedly, German Supply also sells a very awesome fuel hose replacement kit. Mine are all good, but if they weren't, I'd be buying that from them too. Money well spent. I think I might actually be able to go camping this weekend! Yay Doodle! Until next time Constant Reader, find somewhere to take the bus. They seem to run better (at least Doodle) if you dont let them sit. Thats a crime against nature, I'm sure. Not everyone is as lucky as us, to be the pilot of such a cool vehicle. Go show off today. Its Summertime. Enjoy.

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