Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Box Day!

Well Howdy Constant Reader! How you is on this glorious day? I'm good. Getting Doodle dialed in for an upcoming camping experience (Transporters at the Point) and in doing so I needed to replace my front tire cover that I lost on the highway. (Sorry Tracy!) I also needed a new oil filter, so I called the boys at BusDepot ( and they shipped it right out.

Oh happy day! I mean really. Who doesn't like boxes in the mail from parts places?!

Small potatoes, I know. But I always wanted one. Dunno why. Just thought it was cool. Otherwise Doods is running great, I think we are about ready for the trip. Sure hope so. There has been a marked absence of  camping and trip taking in this blog which I hope to remedy. Not because of a tire cover, I was just feeling chatty. Anywhoo Constant Reader. Tomorrow is another day.

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