Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cruise Time!!

Simple entry this time ladies. Guys in my VW gang (http://www.aircoolers.org/) called and asked if I wanted to put Doodle on the road and see how he held up. Where I asked, knowing ridicule was coming. Ridicule? Yes. Not one of them has faith in Doodles new roadworthyness. None. Was I up to the challenge? Was Doodle?

Why hell yes we were. I met them, and away we go. 45 miles one way. Should be a breeze, right? Well the jokes were already going before we left. "Who's towing that big sucker for ya?" I vowed that they would eat those words. So I made a little wager. Doodle arrives fine, under his own power they buy the beer. I break down, all the beer is on me. Steep? Nope. I have faith. AFter a little chatter, they made the deal. Guess it seemed like a sure thing in their minds. HA! Suckers! Away we go.

Guess who made it there and back without a hitch?! Not one! Even kept up with the pack? Thats right. Ole Doodle. And guess who didnt buy beer? To the victor go the spoils. Disclaimer: Drink responsibly.

Until next time, cruise somewhere in your VW. its cheaper than Xanax.

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