Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well here I go again, Constant Reader. You know, If I didnt know better, I would think Doodle is doing well, otherwise, why would I be blogging yet again? I dunno. How you? Good! Your mother? Excellent! Send her my regards, will you? Well now that Doodle is up and going, I'm enjoying him on a whole new level. So. My searches on the wide world web showed me that the tire I wanted for Doodle in the beginning, the BFG All Terrain 195/75/14. Love these tires. And as much as I drive Doodle, they should last FOREVER. So I sold the Vancos I had on him for over half what they cost, and had them special ordered. When they called me, I took the powdercoated wheels I bought last year (need a minute? look back) and dropped them off. This is what I came back to. LETS TAKE A LOOK!

Now you gotta admit. Those are pretty damn cool right? I think so. Mixed reviews from the family, but eh. So, as I learned on The Samba, you need to lightly sand the bolt holes on freshly powdercoated wheels so they stick. I did so and started mounting them up. Lets take a looksee. 

So whatcha think? Perfect for my (planned) off road camping trips. Ladies and gentelmen, I give you Doodle the Magnificent. He's back in all his glory. Till next time, hug your bus. They like that. Trust.

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